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Amber Gustafson is in love with ruffles, things that sparkle, vintage clothes, cheap beer, and expensive wine. Her favorite color is red glitter. She was a performing Irish Step Dancer once upon a time and has won many a dance contest by busting out into a jig. Originally from Arkansas and married to her high school sweetheart, Amber is the fun hybrid of Southern tradition and charm and urban edge and grit. She is also the proud momma to the world’s youngest wedding planner, Luella {Lulu!} Rose who says that the hardest wedding she has “worked” yet was 2 days prior to coming into the world as “my mom was really boring and just sat in a chair and pointed to her assistants to make them do things. I was used to her running around and rocking me to sleep”.

She considers herself a romantic soul, a realistic businesswoman, a free spirit, an organized individual, an opinionated gal, a good people person, and a funny lady. You can be the judge on the funny part.

With over 160 weddings planned and executed flawlessly, she knows weddings. And people. Amber plays well with others and is known for bringing it all together when Mom gets fussy, when the flower girl gets mad, and when diva vendors think it’s all about them. An avid world traveler, she understands various cultures and customs and enjoys fusion weddings that highlight the heritage of both the bride and groom.

amber {at} amberevents.com

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Nira DeLuna loves all things pretty, the more unique the better.

Vintage furniture, good wine, and red velvet cupcakes are amongst the many things that keep her smiling. 

This New Jersey native considers herself a hopeless romantic, a genuine person, and a hard worker. Her Venezuelan roots keep her grounded and when meeting new people remembers how much of a perk speaking Spanish is!

Nira understands people, especially when the wedding day rolls around and the family gets involved. Interacting with different cultures and personalities comes naturally to her and she knows when her enduring sense of patience is ready to take effect.

Nira believes in love, and knows that it can be found and cherished, so being in an industry where it happens time and time again… is priceless!


nira {at} amberevents.com

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Michelle loves love. She also loves:

. Lists

. Her Daughters

. Her Husband

. Growing her own food

. Wine

. …and above all else. ORDER!

Michelle is a Southern California native, so it can safely be said that she has seen it all…families, lifestyles, fame, and Midwesterner-living-on-the-West-Coast induced insanity (see; husband).

Being a mother, wife, and commuter in SoCal has brought her patience, empathy, and the opportunity to recognize, acknowledge, and accentuate the most important details of the Wedding Day, both large and small…to see beyond the chaos and focus on the beauty that is the nucleus…and to frame and photograph the most fantastic sunsets ever seen on the 101 West.

Photo by Jenny Llanes | Llanes Weddings




LOVE is a BEAUTIFUL thing…

 Katelynn is everything that comes with being SASSY and CLASSY!

She loves the classic elegance of things that sparkle and shine and the beautiful uniqueness of some vintage flare…but lets not forget adding in a little edginess when needed.

With several studious years behind her she has an understanding for how to make this service industry her own, while making the people around her feel just as special as they truly are. As an enthusiastic and dedicated individual, her hard work and beautiful visions are nothing less than extraordinary.

Lover of craft beer and red wine, this original cali girl loves adventure and has an endless imagination for all things wonderful and strives to make them amazing.

 Don’t let her fool ya…she may be TINY but she is FIERCE!

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 And what would we be without the rest of our team!?


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