…we are

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Nira Luna

Owner & Lead Planner

Nira IS

– a hopeless romantic

– that “cool and collected” friend you have

– New Jersey Native (no not “Jersey Shore” native)

– Venezuelan (si hablo español)

– one to make an occasion out of everything!


– red headed boys with freckles

– french bulldogs

– sushi!!!!

– scented luxury candles

– and of course a closet full of shoes

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Michelle French

Associate Planner

Michelle loves love. She also loves:

. Lists

. Her Daughters

. Her Husband

. Growing her own food

. Wine

. …and above all else. ORDER!

Michelle is a Southern California native, so it can safely be said that she has seen it all…families, lifestyles, fame, and Midwesterner-living-on-the-West-Coast induced insanity (see; husband). Being a mother, wife, and commuter in SoCal has brought her the opportunity to recognize and accentuate the most important details of the Wedding Day, both large and small…to see beyond the chaos and focus on the beauty that is the nucleus…and to frame and photograph the most fantastic sunsets ever seen on the 101 West.


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Jackie Hsu

Associate Planner

As a true Southern Californian born and raised Taiwanese-American, Jackie is a bright soul who is most PASSIONATE about:

– Connecting people and places

– Nature

– Puppies

– Balancing force and flow

Jackie is a full time:

– Organizer and motivator 

– Traveler and marveler of the world 

– Tree hugging’ gratuitous yogi

– Collector of thingamabobs






These photos were taken by the amazing Miki & Sonja of Miki and Sonja Photography


Amber-Headshot1(pp_w465_h697)Amber Gustafson


After starting and running Amber Events in Los Angeles for 8 years, Amber and her family relocated back to their home state of Arkansas to begin new adventures. She is still buying and wearing red dresses.

Photo by Callaway Gable










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