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Great Gatsby style wedding

Exactly two years ago Julian & Summer got married at Cicada Restaurant in LA and I had a blast designing their Art Deco wedding. With the popularity of the Baz Luhrmann’s new version of “The Great Gatsby” this Art Deco theme has gotten extremely popular. We had a custom built stage, cigar girls, pin up dancers, a big band, and such gorgeous deep colors to play with! These photos by Natalie Moser are so gorgeous I just had to re-post this wedding! Their wedding was originally featured on Ruffled Blog back in January of 2012. See the feature HERE! This wedding was so fun!  Enjoy!

Pretty Pictures: Take Flight


Yesterday I arrived back to LA from a ten day trip with family in the good ol’ south. Let’s call this place Georgia.

It was really nice to spend time with the family and take in all the nature it had to offer…. including the occasial mosquito bite or two or three.

Camp fires, hiking, and listenting to the bustling of the animals in the distance were part of my experience these past ten days. That and Walmart I suppose.

Coming back to LA, I realize how different people and places can be.

Be it a rural or urban world, I can see how they can both be perfect in their own way. However, what facisnates me most is how easy it is to change that world with just a simple  plane ride.

On my Delta flight, I saw all sorts of people. Tall, short, thin, fat, old, young, modern, dowdy. I loved seeing the mix of people and wondered why we were all taking that exact flight together. Some perhaps, just using this as a connecting flight. Some were going away and some were coming home. I can only image all the possible scenarios, but I basked in the beauty of the melting pot I saw before me.

I think that why airports are so invigorating to me. It’s like the central hub for all the world and its’ crossing.

Source: Weheartit

Pretty Pictures: Slice of Summer

I know I know, I haven’t posted any pretty pictures in quite some time. Will you forgive me?

Aw shucks you’re a doll.

Today I felt inspired to post this pic of a refreshing watermelon drink. Mostly because it’s been warm lately and I’m sure most of you can relate to appreciating something refreshing at a time like this.

I went to Ralphs the other day and bought a full size watermelon. You know, those that cost 40 cents a pound and makes you look ridiculous when trying to put it on the conveyor belt. Yep that kinda watermelon.

When I slice through it, and all the sugar water wets my counter, I clean it up, but then take a moment to see how beautiful God’s creations really are.

This fruit is so pretty! It’s Pink! Inexpensive! Tastes good! And is good for you!

This summer, I count my blessings, and sometimes it’s as simple as munching on some watermelon on a hot day. Make that an alcoholic watermelon drink on a hot night. Yummmm





Pretty Pictures- Resolutions

So with the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions of course.

Wasn’t the entire month of December for excuses to overindulge in feasts and finances? We buy. We eat. Repeat.

Once Jan 1st hit. So did reality. Back to budgeting and back to the daily grind on top of that forced motivation.

Today I went to the gym and a couple other hundred people had the same idea as me. I counted over 50 people at my bodyworks class. That’s over 30 more than when I attended the same class in December.

Good for us I say! At least we are trying. Every day is another battle to beat the bulge and hopefully more of us will stick to it this time around.

but for now, I’m congratulating my hard workout with a glass of wine. Cheers!

Pretty Pictures- Cakes

In Los Angeles, it almost seems traditional to do everything in a nontraditional way. From quirky venues, to worldy food trucks, and non matching bridal attire, L.A. has it all at your disposal. However, despite this generation’s desire to rebel against the hotel ballroom wedding, many seem to still want the classic wedding cake. After looking through our files, I noticed there have been just as many cakes as dessert tables spreads! Here are some cakes from Amber Events weddings for you to enjoy. Click on the photo to see the photographers credit. xo, Nira

Super Fine Bakery, by Picotte Photography

Vanilla Bake Shop, photo by Next Exit

home made cake :), photo by One Love Photography

Sweet Lady Jane, by Caliendo Photography

Fantasy Frostings, photography by Natalie Moser

RoseBud Cakes, photography by Justine Ungaro

A Sweet Design by the Youngrens

Hansen’s Cakes, Mi Belle Photography

  A Sweet Design, photo by Carolyn Troadec Photography

Starr Bakery, Jose Villa Photography

Vanilla Bake Shop, photo by Callaway Gable

Vanilla Bake Shop, photo by Carolyn Tran

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