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Watercolor Inspiration


Hey, readers! It’s time for some spring/summer inspiration. Remember when we met Paulina Johnson for a DIY shoot? Well, the photos she shot for us turned out great! (Thanks, girl!)

Our resident signage expert, Jackie, came up with this watercolor idea after one of our current clients, Sara, had earlier sent out self-decorated wedding invitations. So we all met earlier this year to create a collection of watercolor decorations, including table numbers, canvas signs, and banners. This will make for a cohesive theme at Sara’s and her future husband’s celebration!

What’s great about watercolor projects is that they’re easy. Really! Because of its blurred lines and soft edges, watercolor art can be achieved even by amateur painters like myself. And the materials can be found at your local craft supply store. Here are some tips for creating your own art:

Table numbers: Use masking fluid to create a paint barrier; let dry. Paint over the barrier; let dry again. Gently rub away the masking fluid to reveal your design!

Canvas signs: If you make a mistake, simply add water to diffuse the color. You can even wipe off any paint entirely while it’s still wet.

Banners: Cut watercolor paper into any shapes you fancy. To mimic the ombre effect in our “CELEBRATE” banner, start with a greater paint-to-water ratio, and gradually add more water as you drag the brush downwards. Use a metallic marker to make your letters pop.

Most importantly, have fun!





Amber & Eric’s L. A. Farewell


Thanks for the music, Anna! (Dash Entertainment)


Delicious treats from Fantasy Frostings.


The king and queen of the ball.


We love you, Amber!

On behalf of Amber, Eric, and the rest of the team at Amber Events, THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who made this night possible:

It was a cozy evening indeed. Inside Hollyflora’s studio, the music was bumpin’ and the tacos were rollin’, while outside the fire was burnin’ and the photo booth was snappin’. We were thrilled to see friends and family come out to show some love to Amber and Eric as they embark on their next adventure. The night was even topped off with a full-size cardboard cut-out of the couple! Yes, it did get a bit emotional towards the end of the night, but we were able to keep (most of) the tears at bay.

If you’re reading this, this certainly won’t be the last time you’ll see these two!

Til next time, Amber & Eric.


Luxe II Launch

Happy Easter, everyone!

This week, the girls and I got together to attend the Luxe II Launch at Bel Air Bay Club. It was an evening for Luxe Linen to showcase their new collection, and host somewhat of a tablescape contest. For weeks leading up to the event, the Amber Events team had designed and collaborated with different vendors to make our theme of “Rooftop Sunset in Zanzibar” come to life!

luxe ii linen

Think natural, earthy, lush, with pops of color from fuchsia napkins and authentic Moroccan pillows. No, things didn’t go as planned on the day of, but we’re happy to say that the final design showed to be effortlessly chic–not to mention the beach was the perfect backdrop! We couldn’t have done it without our generous sponsors, especially the lovely ladies at Fiore. It was a relief to then be able to check out the other teams’ designs, as well as enjoy the delicious hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and sweets. Click on the video below to see some behind-the-scenes footage!


Meet Paulina Johnson!

daily dose

We, at Amber Events, love collaborating with different vendors. We’re always open to exchanging our talents for the benefit of both parties; a win-win, if you know what I mean! So when Paulina approached us to be featured on her blog, we agreed to a photo shoot involving headshots for an interview on her blog, as well as a DIY shoot for a feature on our blog. Cool, right?

daily dose

Paulina, Jackie, Karly, and I met at Daily Dose Cafe earlier this week for an afternoon of good conversation and watercolor fun. We also got to meet a current client, Sara, whose wedding is coming up in May! Check out our vlog footage on our *new* YouTube channel:

Come back soon to see how the photos turned out! You can also visit Paulina’s website to see some of her work here.


Behind The Scenes @ Our Promo Video Shoot

promo vidpromo vidpromo vidpromo vidpromo vid

Happy Monday!

This past weekend, Nira, Michelle, Jackie, Karly, and I got together in downtown L. A. to film a new promotion video for Amber Events. We were so happy to have our talented friend and videographer, Judson Morgan, capture the essence of us as individuals and as a team. It was an afternoon of sharing ideas, laughs, cupcakes, and selfies with our favorite mascot, Stitch!

Will keep ya posted on when the video gets debuted. Thanks for reading!


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