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August 16, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014 Amber Events has THREE, count ‘em, three weddings! So exciting! The descriptions of the weddings below show just how versatile the Amber Events team is!  Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with #threeweddingsoneday


Cyprus Sea Cove

Cyprus Sea Cove, a private estate in Malibu, is a gorgeous, intimate, and perfectly Californian place to wed!  Brandon, an operations analyst for the Houston Astros, is Jewish and Leah, a financial analyst, is Catholic, and they are being married by one of their friends in a non-denominational ceremony. An electric harp will wow the guests during the ceremony and cocktail hour and then the guests will dance to a DJ under bistro lights strung over the great lawn. The wedding décor will be a fusion of sleek Z Gallery and a rustic barn. A unique color palette of mustard yellow, amber, bronze, and gold  will look gorgeous on a mixture of square tables covered with linens and long wooden table with Chantilly lace runners.

Amber will be the lead coordinator for this wedding supported by Ana, Patricia, and Whitney.



The Vibiana wedding is a Muslim wedding between two former Yale students, Altaf and Sameer. Altaf is a doctor and Sameer is a lawyer. There will be traditional Muslim, Indian, and Persian customs including a Sofreh, a Zaffe band, and no alcohol! There will be entertainment such as a surprise appearance by the UCLA Bhangra Troupe and Video Presentation. There will also have a poet on site typing up custom romantic poems for guests on her typewriter. So romantic! Sameer and Altaf will do their grand exit and make way back to the hotel on a horse and carriage.

Nira will be the lead coordinator for this wedding supported by Michelle, Vanessa, and Tricia.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum wedding is the long anticipated union of Gowri and Anshul, a couple who has been together for 15 years! Gowri, a law professor and Anshul, the CEO of a startup company, have worked for equality and said that they would not wed until gay marriage was legal in California. The ceremony will be officiated by a Judge who Gowri clerked for and they will walk down the aisle with their 18 month old son to “Blind Mary” by Gnarls Barkley played by a string quartet. The cocktail hour will be held around the “dueling dinosaurs” in the grand foyer of the museum and the reception will be held in the North American Mammal Hall. The guests will be seated supper club style at round, square, and rectangle tables from 4 to 12 people and the centerpieces will be fun and unique geometric terrariums filled with moss, romanesco broccoli, air plants, and tiny mammal figurines. A lounge with games will be set up for guests to enjoy post 5 course wine-paired dinner and a DJ will be on cue if guests feel like kicking their heels up.

Katelynn will be the lead coordinator for this wedding supported by Kat, Montana, and Melissa.

A note from the newlyweds

Sigh. Emails like the below make my week and my month! They put a smile on my face and happiness in my heart! Nick & Kai-Ting got married back in July at the beautiful Casa Romantica in San Clemente and they took the time to write the below email to me. Enjoy these teaser photos from the talented Lane Dittoe!

“Dear Amber,

I want to reach out and let you know our thoughts on our wedding and your role in it.

First, we could not have pulled off the wedding without you. We were two very busy attorneys planning from across the country. You can tell by the number of times you were mentioned in the speeches that our friends and family understood the amount of work you put into our wedding.

Second, we greatly enjoyed the planning process with you. You are wonderful to work with. I appreciate that you are organized, personable, funny and sweet but also have this no-nonsense attitude when it comes to getting stuff done. The day of the wedding, I just relaxed and let things happen because I completely trusted you would take care of any hiccups that arose.

Third, thank you for the great vendors you introduced to us. We have told all our friends about the funny stories we heard from Holly and Becky about their flower shop. Those two sweethearts do beautiful things with flowers. Even though I didn’t have the vocabulary to express what I wanted, through my mumbling, they got my vision exactly. Jill from Copper Willow designed such incredible invitations! When you first told me about Found Rentals, I had no idea why a person would want vintage furniture for a wedding. Lauren from Found was awesome – she picked up on my style and suggested great options. One of my friends was so taken by the lounge area at the wedding, it inspired her to find vintage pieces for a baby shower she was planning. My Sweet and Saucy produced delicious and beautiful cakes and were so easy to deal with. We also got compliments from guests about Lee the DJ. As for Blue Kite Cinema, Nick and I both think – best decision ever. We are thrilled with the product they gave us and are so thankful you told us about them.

I received Lane’s pictures yesterday, and I saw some of the décor for the first time (was too busy chatting away on the wedding day to do a proper tour around the venue). I noticed how beautifully everything was setup and how you re-used flowers and other things once we were done with one space and moved to the next. That made me realize there were so many little things you did on the wedding day that I didn’t know about. Thank you for taking care of it all.

Lastly, I want to share a memory from our wedding. At the end of the night, Nick and I ended up being the last of all our friends and family to leave the venue. We saw everyone off on the shuttle and made sure a couple of stragglers got rides back to their hotel. My friend Jamie even rode in our limo with us. It was the best way to leave our wedding that we could have hoped for. At the beginning of our planning, we told you that we envisioned a fancy dinner party. It really did feel like we were at home, seeing all our guests off at the end of a brilliant night.

We are very grateful for you and your wonderful team, Nira, Katelynn and Lacey. We know that this is just the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, but how amazing to have it start with such a perfect moment.

Kai-Ting and Nick”

Team Member POV: Ali & Vincent

I originally met Lacey over some tea and macaroons at Aroma Cafe. We talked about the wedding industry and I picked her brain about her passions. She’s been interning with Amber Events ever since. What a great addition to the team. Thanks Lacey for taking time to fill this out.xo! {nira}

How did you learn about Interning or Assisting for Amber Events?

I went online and searched for companies affiliated with the wedding industry and Amber Events was one of the highest ranked.

Tell us about yourself and how it relates to the wedding industry.

I currently work full time and have been looking for a career change for a while now. I absolutely love throwing parties that involve little details, lots of friends and great memories so it just seems right to go into wedding industry.

What tasks did you complete for this wedding?

I helped set up the ceremony site which included placing personalized sunglasses at each guests seat, setting up the gift table, posting signs where needed, placing table cloths, checking on seating arrangements, making sure the reception timeline ran smoothly and helping any other way I could.

What surprised you?

How much fun every single person had. Everyone was laughing, intermingling and dancing the whole night even though some guests didn’t speak English and many guests flew in from out of town and didn’t know each other.

What is your favorite part of this wedding?

Seeing the final outcome of the ceremony and reception site. All the hard work of set up was well worth it.

What shoes did you wear?

All black flats.

The uniform for the Amber Events staff is a black button down shirt and slacks. What did you do to Jazz up your look?

I wore a few pieces of jewelry to amp things up and wore vibrant eye makeup.

What is your favorite wedding/romantic scene from a movie?

Definitely has to be the “Notebook”. When Rachel McAdams runs and jumps into Ryan Goslings arms while it’s pouring rain! It’s so romantic and their chemistry is amazing.

Do you have any words for anyone wanting to join the wedding industry? It’s a lot of hard work, but the final outcome is extremely rewarding once you see how happy the couples are.

Final Comments:

I am so happy to be able to work with Amber and Nira! Both ladies have a never-ending wealth of knowledge about All Things Weddings. 

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