Pretty Pictures- Loving love…


Elizabeth Messina captured this photo. Gorgeous and candid in my eyes. This photo represents a simplistic intimacy most of us crave for. To be the constant bar hopper in the city with heels that scream “ouch”, is just too impersonal sometimes, especially if done too often.

Though to be doing nothing, with the one you love? Well that is an entirely different story. When you are in love, and I’m assuming you are, if you are on a wedding blog…is that you see things different. You don’t care where you are and what you are doing, as long as you are with him,¬†you breathe happiness and serenity in your heart. There’s something about laying next to each other and holding hands like young love, that makes you lose sense of time and your priorities. It’s like a child like innocence to stare into each others eyes and converse about everything and then even sit in silence for some time. With love , there is no awkward silence. You just take in your moment with the other person and cherish it. It’s moments like these that your future flashes before you, and hopefully you can see yourself married with beautiful children.

I truly hope each and every woman gets to have that authentic love in their life. I believe we all deserve it. So you are in love you say? Well, what happens next ? Probably after you date for some time, it’ll be your wedding! Also known as the beautiful beginning of the rest of your life. Yep…That’s where we come in.

G e t   s o c i a l